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A will is an important part of planning the financial future of your family. Give them the gift of memories and more by including those you love in your will.

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The adversity of not having a will

William Jennings

The richest commoner in England died on 19th June, 1798, leaving an estate of £2 million, worth anywhere between half a billion dollars and one billion dollars today depending on how you measure it.

He died without a Will and the courts decided on an heir, a descendent of his aunt, who was not a close relative. This heir died soon after, however, and then the problems started. The administrator of the Will made some legally questionable decisions regarding who should benefit from the estate and, lo and behold, lawyers appeared. Legal actions, many and varied, followed.

One of William’s relatives had been an officer in the British army in North America during the Indian Wars of the late 18th century and he married and had a family there. However, the legal links to William were a bit opaque so lawyers began prospecting for anyone with a Jennens or Jennings connection and legal action to gain a share of the estate commenced from a cohort of Americans about 50 years after the saga began.

Throughout this time the assets and monies of the estate were held in trust, overseen by the courts, for the benefit of the legal heirs. The only payments approved were for LEGAL EXPENSES and that allowed action to continue for a long time. The claimants had to fund their side of the action but the lawyers defending were under no obligation to preserve the estate. In reality they were defending no-one – they were there simply to “represent” the estate against all claimants to ensure no undeserving party was paid anything. AND they succeeded. No heirs were ever found by the courts and all legal action ceased around 1915 WHEN ALL THE MONEY RAN OUT.

Yes, the lawyers had received the equivalent of hundreds of millions of dollars between 1798 and 1915 and all because William Jennens, who must have been very aware of the implications, died without a valid Will.

Famous people who died without a Will

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You’re never really too young to write a will. Life is uncertain, but you can be sure. We’re here to help make sure you’re prepared for whatever the future may bring. So why wait, when you can get started now?

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A will is an important part of planning the financial future of your family. Give them the gift of memories and more by including those you love in your will.

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For as long as we know, writing a will has been a tedious and expensive process that usually involves the services of a lawyer. This is probably one of the reasons that around 50% Australians do not have a valid will. We, at WillHQ, are here to help you change that by enabling you to make, edit, and legalise your will online. Not having a will in place can lead to complications, feuds, and even repossession of assets.

Although allocating assets may be the focus of preparing a will, it also assigns guardians of children, specifies preferred funeral arrangements and nominates heirs of treasured items. You can also include your pets or charities in your will.

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