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Do you need a Will?
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    1. Have you recently (or ever):

    2. Are you 18 years old and above?

    3. Do you have any dependents?

    4. Do you have any of these assets:

    5. Would you like to leave a gift in your will to:

    6. Would you like to choose how to leave your possessions to your family after you pass on or leave the decision making to inheritance law?

    7. Did you know that settling an “intestate” estate (i.e. no will) will take months or years, will involve significant costs, will cause certain delays in inheritance, and will probably cause family conflict?

    8. Did you know that a lawyer is not essential to making your will?

    9. Did you know that a will should be reviewed and updated regularly as life circumstances or wishes change?

    10. And bonus question… What did William Shakespeare leave his wife Ann in his will?

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