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We help you keep your promises to the ones you love.

“WillHQ makes preparing a Will so easy. I had paid for Wills in the past but with WillHQ I had mine finished in minutes, not days or weeks. I now have peace of mind that if I do get hit by a bus, my family will not have trauma and headaches sorting out my estate.”

David Julian Price

“I have been meaning to write my Will for ages but it was all too difficult. Born in Canada with the bulk of my relatives overseas it all seemed too hard to write a Will and have it somewhere safe that it could be found easily. WillHQ ticks all the boxes for me – with its automatic annual review, online (secure) storage and very reasonably priced. Would heartily recommend it for anyone who does not yet have their Wills in place.”

Norah Lynn Copithorne

The distress of not having a will

The first digital Will in Australia!

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